Kosrae stairway, reducing greenhouse gas emission

The new completed stairway for the Kosrae Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) was officially commissioned by the Governor for Kosrae, the Honorable Carson K. Sigrah.
The Governor explained how things have come together with the new connection of the stairway from the Administration Building to the EOC which sits on a hill. The Community Health Center (CHC) was utilising the EOC as their main office for the past 2 years and will be moving to their new location in 2019. The EOC will then be occupied by the State DCO and possibly partners in Disaster Risk Management, the Micronesia Red Cross-Kosrae Chapter and the International Organization for Micronesia-Kosrae Office so about 4 staff will be utilizing the DCO office.
The Governor expressed gratitude for the donations of the European Union (EU) through the Building Safety Resilience Project (BSRP), implemented by the Pacific Community (SPC),

Stairway for the Kosrae Emergency Operations Centre

which now closes out with the stairway as the last project for Kosrae, and also recognized the efforts of the State Disaster Coordination Officer, the Department of Transportation &Infrastructure, and contractor Raymond Construction Company who did the construction of the stairway.
“Taking care and maintaining these will be our way of showing our gratitude and appreciation,” he said.
The Kosrae State Disaster Coordination Officer, Mr Nena William said the new stairway has made it very easy and convenient for everybody to run papers back and forth between the main administrations building and the 3 offices on the hill, namely the State EOC, Police Station and the Office of the Attorney General during peace time. As intended, this stairway will allow direct access from the EOC to the Governor’s office for briefings during an emergency or whenever the EOC is activated.
“Sure beats driving around like we used to do,” he added and definitely contributes to reducing our greenhouse gas emission.