More water for more people in drought

articleimage150 water tanks were installed in the most drought affected areas in the Western Division of Fiji during December to communities can access necessary water for critical health needs as drought conditions worsened in Fiji at the end of 2015.

The tanks were installed in temporary roadside locations to ensure they could be rapidly filled up daily to alleviate the lack of water for many communities across the Nadi, Nadrong and Ba Districts, commonly known as the drought ‘red zone’.

Acting Principal Assistant Secretary for the National Disaster Management Office, Uraia Rainima said the team targeted the ‘red zone’ communities as they have been identified as the most at risk due to lack of water.

“We installed the tanks in temporary locations so we can ensure more people from these severely affected areas can access water. We are trying to help as many people as possible as this drought worsens.

“The predictions show these conditions will go until at least March so we are working to ensure we can get clean and safe drinking water to as many people as possible across the country,” he said.